Sunday, 9 August 2009

More on Search for shiny Cobalt greens

General Observations of this triaxial Glaze are.
The glaze is a mostly stable and shiny glaze except at 2 corner Tiles A and C where the fluxes of Calcium and Lithium are predominant and Lithium has become fluid. Corner B is Matt. magnesium. The Blue green colour changing from Dark blue at Corner A to Pale blue at Corner B and Aqua green at C.

From Corner A to Corner B is a line blend of Calcium and Magnesium.
At Cnr A where Calcium is predominant the Glaze is very shiny well melted and Dark blue green it has started to move on the back of the tile this line blend progresses towards Cnr B with Magnesium becoming predominant and the surface has become more muted and becomes opaque.caused by the excessive magnesium.This line has no Lithium in its make up but has remained shiny except T16 and has no crazing.Tiles 1-11 are very interesting glaze tests.
My Colourants were Cobalt Carbonate 2.% and Rutile 6%.

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