Sunday, 9 August 2009

From Corner A to Corner C is a line blend of Calcium (A) and Lithium (C)
Again Cnr A(Tile 1) is a Shiny Dark blue green and well melted which quickly changes to a lighter blue green variegated glaze when small amounts of lithium are introduced at T3.The tiles still remain shiny and well melted through to Tile 21.Changes to colour and texture are quite obvious along this line blend and Blue changes to apple green at T6 pinholing starts at T6 and progressively starts to melt and move.Lithium is known to produce bubbles in the glaze melt .At Corner C(Tile21) the glaze has shivered due to the small molecule size of Lithium that causes it to be mobile and it migrates to the Alumina and silica of the body and creates an interface of low expansion glass which peels off.Tile 3 is very beautiful and worth pursuing and developing.The others in the Lithium Line blend have lovely colour but the texture and surface are mostly marred by pinholing or shivering

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