Sunday, 9 August 2009

KNO_SrO Line Blend

This line blend consists of removing Potassium and adding Strontium.This Combination of Flux created a very inconsistent pattern of texture with very rough ,bubbly unpleasant and shiny to smooth and onto dull and matt. Where the surface quality of the tests were smooth the colour was a bright blue, tiles T3-T6 the Tiles A-2 were coarse and variegated showing some bright green Tile &B was a dull matt with a greenish hue. As a dominant flux produces eventually a matt surface. These fluxes combined are both strong fluxes and their combined fluxing power may have caused the rough bubbly surface and as the power of the flux was decreased with the KNO reduction the glaze smoothed out to eventually become matt and colour suppressed.

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