Saturday, 14 July 2012

It has been a long time since May 20 2012,the journey continues.

Haven't been here for awhile and feel the need to catch search for Cone six glazes have been slightly abandoned due to the fact that it is quite hard to find an affordable(cheap in other words) terracotta coloured clay that will vitrify at that temperature.I have decided to move up to about Cone 8 and will do a test firing over the next couple of days..I loved the Hesselberth and Roy Glazes and have an order of mugs to fill,I can not quite bring myself to do that knowing that they might seep moisture..not a good look really.
I recently finished another of my PatioArt rock pots and because they will be outside that is another reason go to a higher temp,I would hate for them to crack in the frost.
Here is the latest edition
Gypsy Children

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