Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Test Boats and Artyfacts Ceramic Art

Just unloaded my 1 cu ft test kiln..and thought I would share the way I process tests..
This is how I test my glazes..I extrude a 'U' shape about 4 inches long and stand them on sheets of thin clay coated in wet kiln shelf mix:80:20% mix of Alumina and Kaolin.This allows me to place the whole test in one place in the kiln.
Also I am setting up my Whitehorse Facebook page and if any one would like to friend me on there I would greatly appreciate the company to exchange ideas and methods..
Whitehouse Ceramic Art
I will be updating my tests later on there.
Cheers C

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  1. I should mention that the glaze tests at the top left were experimenting with a found material..